Monday, July 19, 2010

Starting Your Own Business? 3 Ways Technology Has Changed Marketing For Business Owners

If you are starting your own business then you need to make sure that you develop a marketing plan that you implement right from the beginning. If you do not market your business then how are people going to find out about you and what you do? When many people think about marketing they actually think about mainstream media advertising- that is advertising on television, on the radio or in newspapers and magazines. New technology has changed everything. You can now market your new business online for a small budget.

The Internet means anyone with Internet access can sell to the world from their lounge room- If you have a computer that is connected to the internet then you are able to set up your own website. If you can set up a website you should be starting your own business. You can sell to customers throughout the world. The Internet knows no boundaries.

Social Networking has changed how businesses can interact with customers- The first revolution was the Internet. Then we had Search Engines and now we have social networking. Facebook has over 500 million register accounts and people, on average, spend more time on Facebook then they do on Search Engines like Google. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter become another cheap avenue that you can utilise in order to interact with your potential customers. They can also be useful for market research and finding out what your customers think. I know of businesses that have found customers through Twitter by maintaining searches on their competitors. When someone expresses dissatisfaction with a competitor on Twitter they contact these Twitterers to see if they can help. Brilliant!

Smart phones and netbooks mean the Internet has gone on the road- I struggle to remember what life was like before I got my iPhone. It has changed everything- it has changed the way that I live my life and business. I access email, the Internet, twitter and Facebook from my phone. I can take photos and upload them directly to my social networks. Your customers have these abilities too. You should consider looking at developing a mobile compatible website so that visitors can easily navigate your website from their phone.
If you are starting your own business you need to embrace new technology. It is going to change everything (it is already changing everything) and you don't want to be left behind especially considering that you are just starting out.

In my own opinion, the author of this article is very good in saying if you are starting your own business, you should know how to EMBRACE technology. Technology is the best way on how to market your small business. Technology is one way to make your small business grow to a bigger business.

Social networking sites are continuously becoming popular and becoming part of everyday lives of many people especially Filipinos nowadays. Instead of you included on those people addicted in playing those application games, why don't you use these networking sites to promote your small business? Why don't you use these sites to acquire new contacts that will be helpful for your business? You can make money out of these sites. Aside from that, you can meet prospective customers of your small business.

"I don't have an internet connection!"

If you are starting a small business, you need to invest in setting up an internet connection because for just a little amount invested in applying for a connection, you do not know how this can greatly help your small business grow and be popular. And aside from that, having an internet here in the Philippines is one of the cheapest way of communicating to others and to promote your business.

I will leave you a video of Seth Godin, a renowned author of best selling books like Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
and my personal favorite Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers
, speaks how Social Networking is valuable to a business. Enjoy watching and learn.

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